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A vital part of the life cycle of these species is the regular migration to other systems, the journey they partake upon is to proselytize their message from one continent to another. Starting the journey with very little other than their own faith that the destination is given to them by the creators. The journey is long and complex; however, to us it is over in the blink of an eye. The ordeal each of these entities go through is intrusive, almost every aspect will be poked prodded and questioned. If found wanting they are simply erased on the spot without a question, no communication will occur, no family is notified, not even their home system is informed of a need for improvement, they are simply ended.

The lucky few which are permitted across the borders into the brave new world are given the most basic assistance. The creators call it enrichment, but the same care is given here, leaving the entities simply marked. They are completely unaware that on the same system they have brothers and relations that could give them a rich and fulfilling life. The creators drive them as slaves to fulfil a very specific purpose.

They are totally unaware the Cartographer has the knowledge to make them richer.

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