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The life and death of souls

Repeatedly cartographers return from their expedition, an ordeal of soul searching and discovery. Often they will have understood during their ordeal that the 1-year allocation to try to understand the origin of an Employee Id and other species is not enough. Taking the anthropological approach to data understanding in an enterprise estate is the right one, although unforgiving.

Witnessing the conception, birth, growth, retirement and finally expiry of a soul is a wondrous experience. Understanding the migrations, they are driven to, the source of their names. The complexities of their journey and the different stages of their lives. The movement between Systems on their scale is a journey of such magnitude it resembles the challenges and difficulties of some of the earliest recorded migrations in our world.

Enterprises and their populous treat these entities as nothing more than some kind of infestation to be resented. Over time this becomes a maintenance of such poor care that the populous becomes useless and unmanageable. Cleansing them becomes a problem that the organisation does not wish to attend to. The cleansing and maintenance of a single parameter escalates to become the cleansing of the entire entity. The result is simply such poor quality data that the maintainers have to resort to sticks and whistles just to keep the data flow going.

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